Monday, September 17, 2007

This could be bad.

My husband recently got a job working for, as I refer to it in my head, the most wonderful Corporation of Stores on Earth. As listed on the website, there is a generous employee discount and I quite agree. However, the discount may not be enough to prevent me from becoming destitute in a very short time. It's one of those cases where something may cost $400, but when the "generous discount" is applied, suddenly the total seems like change I could find in my couch cushions on any given day. A warning: if I suddenly start showing up in rags and my hair is in dire need of product, I invite you to my house for surely, at that point, it must be mansionesque in decor and boasting of a chef's kitchen. ...that doesn't seem like a bad trade-off.


kgn said...

i'm so jealous!! what have you bought thus far?

Inside the Pages said...

We bought that Fleur de Sel that is pictured on the blog (I plan to sprinkle it on roasted asparagus tonight for dinner), a bottle of balsamic vinegar (which we opened and tasted last night and it was heavenly), two blue striped pot holders (my old ones were heinous and hideous), a small metal spider votive holder, a oil air freshener (the kind you open and put the wooden reeds into) and two large metal trays (like for the center of a dining table). I got one of the trays for myself and will most likely give my mom one for Christmas. These trays made me the happiest because they were already marked down from $79 to $19 and with the discount (which is halved when the item is already on sale), they were less than $16 each. My thrifty side rejoices. I have my eye on a quilt for our bed (reversible velvet silk), but have to wait until after payday. Also, there is a sample sale coming up next month in San Francisco that I think Tim will go to. The corporate gods have declared that only employees are allowed at the sample sales, so I have begun to rip items out of catalogs and school Tim to recognize these items so that he may snatch them up at the sale. I will drive there with him and then wait anxiously outside. One of Tim's co-workers said the first thing he bought was a large wooden CD holder which, with his discount was still around $150. Then he went to his first sample sale and saw the same item, brand new for $20. Thus, I have high hopes. Perhaps I should think of renting a truck for our voyage. Or maybe I should just get my greed under control.