Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Other Family Member

In lieu of children, which we plan to have but not for a time (deliberately vague... that's how I try to keep my answers when some tactless person asks if we are trying to have children, as apparently being married over three years gives virtual strangers the right to ask), we have a kitty. Or rather, the kitty has us [right where he wants us]. As evidence, a story: The kitty (Griffin) became ill last fall and over the course of some months and various antibiotics as we struggled to make him well, we were forced to feed him a small portion of wet cat food twice a day along with a pill. As you can work out, last fall was almost a year away and we still have to give him the morning portion of wet cat food. Somehow we found a universe wormhole and he's forgotten about the evening portion, but like clockwork he starts meowing about 6 a.m. every morning for his "breakfast". And by meowing, I mean crying and yell meowing until one of us gets up and feeds him, at which point he eats it and then goes right back to sleep in his blanket on the couch. He's got it real rough here.Now that you've seen the cutest cat in the world, how about the cutest dog?


kgn said...

griffin is soo cute! very photogenic. and clearly, a good people trainer :)