Thursday, September 20, 2007


We bought our house tonight. Technically, it has been our house for almost three years, but tonight we started the process to refinance the loan into only my husband and I's names. The loan rate should be finalized tomorrow and then we'll be in "escrow" for 30 days. I use quotations as we are "buying" the house from my in-laws. It sort of emotionless as it's already felt like our house and we've been making house payments since we moved in, but if I tell myself that now the equity will be accruing for us alone, I realize the impact. Anyway, I am boring myself with this dry, financial talk. I really wanted to do a segment on my kitty complete with great photos from our new camera, but I went to load the photos on the computer and discovered that the batteries in the camera needed to be recharged. So stay tuned for that coming this weekend.

(Not exactly our house, but oh could you call it our house?
Don't you ever imagine anything different from the way they are?)


kgn said...

i could call it your house, cordelia.