Saturday, July 25, 2009

I can't say I've never won anything,

but this was the best thing by far. Until last week, my list of wins started and stopped in high school when I won 3 tapes (yes, you read that right, tapes, not CD's) from a radio station. They weren't even singers I listened to, but the thrill of being caller number 10 outweighed such trivialities. Then, at grad night, whilst my friends were winning super-cool, usable prizes like TV's and bicycles, I won a share of stock. I was so thrilled. (Note sarcasm.) Now that I've had time to reflect (and the stock has split once, so that I now own 2 shares-shares which net me a dividend of fifty-two cents every six months), I wonder if any of my friends grad night prizes are earning them money. I would venture a guess that's a "no". But that was where my winning streak ended, until last week. I casually entered a contest on a friend of a friend's blog site to win a free photo session for my baby and then promptly forgot I entered until I got the congrats email from the blog owner/photographer. YAY! We met this week and the shoot went great. I look forward to seeing the final shots, but here is a sneak preview she posted on the blog. I know I'm a tad bit prejudice, but I think they're the cutest photos I've ever seen.


Donna said...

THOSE are precious! What a great prize!

kelly said...

funny lady. i do love those pictures!