Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Not Worth It

I actually finished Who's your Daddy (Lynda Sandoval) a few nights ago, but have felt apathetic about getting it on here because it just wasn't really worth reading. It is young adult fiction and probably wouldn't have entertained me even when I was in that category. I won't go into any details because, frankly, I don't feel like wasting my time when I wouldn't recommend it. If, however, you are looking for something that you could get for your 11 year old niece, this would be just the thing. It's very tame and imparts family values. I am boring myself just typing this. I will stop.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Harry Potter

I reread the sixth book in the Harry Potter series this weekend: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Since the last installment comes out in less than a month (have you pre-ordered your copy of it yet...if not, I recommend surfing the web for a myriad of great deals), I wanted to refresh myself on where the story had left off. It's a good thing I did because I had completely forgotten about Horcruxes, Ginny and Harry, and various other important information. Once again, I cried at the end of the book. I don't feel like this is too extreme of a response either. Dumbledore is simply the most likeable and kindest book character to ever have been imagined and brought to life on the pages of some book. For those of you who may be a Harry Potter naysayer, I turn to the example my husband has set. He was one of the people who was not sure about the books and felt that they might be too dark with too much witchcraft (which as a rule, we are against). I had read the books (only two were out at the time, I believe) and tried to convince him otherwise. Finally, I said he should either read the first book or go see the first movie (with me) before making his final decision. As he is not the reader I am , we trooped off to see the movie. He enjoyed it immensely and was a converted fan before we left the theater that day. The movies are extremely well done and include alot of the information you find in the books. As the books are getting close to being thousands of pages long (not that I mind), they are increasingly hard to cram into one movie sitting, so as we drive home from the theater, I usually fill him in on what they could not include. Honestly, every time I read one of the books in this series, I wish I could have been a student at Hogwarts. As such, I am anticipating the fifth movie greatly and the final book as much as can be anticipated. For the record, I think Snape is good, although every shred of evidence points to the contrary and I dislike how mean he has always been to Harry.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sensing a Theme

Perhaps you've noticed that I tend towards "chick-lits"; let's blame it on the season. I enjoy reads that don't require a ton of thinking in the summer. It's far too hot to plod away at slow reading drudgery. However, I am awaiting a copy of Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray" at the library and that can hardly be considered light reading. I promise some more literary classics in the future. For now, the latest was Bidding For Love by Katie Fforde. I read it front to back last night so obviously, there was no toiling thought process here. A light, enjoyable read about a London town girl who moves to the country to learn more about and help with a family antiques business that she has suddenly been left in a will. The requisite romance follows. I was slightly turned off that the love interest was her cousin (although the point was made several times over that they were "a million times removed"). Still, the ick factor could not quite be squashed.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Over The Weekend

I finished several books this weekend. Over the summer I work 4 ten hour days which are nigh impossible to endure at the time of the long day, but wonderful when I'm reclining on the couch on Friday reading the day away whilst my husband toils at his five day a week job. So, one of the three books that I read this weekend was titled, The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs. It started out slow, but became increasingly interesting. I thought I saw the end coming, but instead was (both) pleasantly and sadly surprised. One need not be a knitter to enjoy this refreshing read free from the usual everyone-ends-up-living-happily-ever-after contrants. This book is about an industrious single mother and her 12 year old daughter who own a knitting shop. The characters were easy to like and emphathize with. I recommend this wholeheartedly. I also finished A Match Made on Madison by Dee Davis. It was very predictable. The predicted ending was even more of a let-down when everything culminated on less than the last page, which meant I'd pored over 200+ pages to read a paragraph on the ending that I was sure was coming, but still was anticipating nonetheless. This book pitted two New York matchmakers (one older woman and one younger woman) against each other as they both vied to sign one handsome, eligible bachelor on as their client. You probably already know where it goes from there. If you're looking for an easy, summer-by-the pool, don't think too much read, this is it. Finally, I started the second installment in the trilogy A Novel of Fitzwilliam Darcy by Pamela Aidan. Don't waste your time. This trilogy chronicles the events in Pride and Prejudice as seen through the eyes and heart of Mr. Darcy. The first of the three was not the best I've ever read and this second one, which I hoped would be better, deals almost primarily with Darcy's feelings of anger and sorrow over Wickam's seduction (and almost entrapment) of Georgiana. Both this book and the first in the triology were boring and slow. I tried to skim ahead to something that Elizabeth Bennet was in and could not even locate her name until practically the last 40 pages. This is not worth finishing and as such, I plan to summarily take it directly back to the library from whence it came.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Book Club - May

So, I've "joined" a book club. I use quotations because I joined two months ago, but haven't actually attended a meeting yet. At this point, I may never attend but that is besides the point. I did, however, read the book that was assigned for May: "The Master Butcher Singing Club". It was an odd book about a man who moves from Germany to the United States and opens a butcher shop. It catalogues his life as seen through the eyes of a friend of his wife's. The whole novel felt devoid of life to me. I didn't have to force myself to finish the book, but neither did I feel excited to get home from work to read it. If you decide to forge ahead with it, I recommend finishing the whole thing. There was a revelation on the last pages.

Gossip Girl

I am currently reading the latest in the Gossip Girl series by Cecily von Ziegesar. This series is definitely a guilty pleasure as I mostly like reading about all the couture everyone wears. In my opinion, they are actually a little trashy, but highly enjoyable. I recommend them as an easy read, but start with the first one (aptly titled "Gossip Girl") or you'll be lost. And if you like these, try her offshoot series, "It Girl" starring little Jenny Humphrey.