Thursday, June 14, 2007

Book Club - May

So, I've "joined" a book club. I use quotations because I joined two months ago, but haven't actually attended a meeting yet. At this point, I may never attend but that is besides the point. I did, however, read the book that was assigned for May: "The Master Butcher Singing Club". It was an odd book about a man who moves from Germany to the United States and opens a butcher shop. It catalogues his life as seen through the eyes of a friend of his wife's. The whole novel felt devoid of life to me. I didn't have to force myself to finish the book, but neither did I feel excited to get home from work to read it. If you decide to forge ahead with it, I recommend finishing the whole thing. There was a revelation on the last pages.


kgn said...

now, i was at the thrift store today, looking for a book to captivate my during my trip to italy (i hate being stuck with only a book i'm not into), and i saw "the memory keeper's daughter." i thought i had seen you mention it in this blog, but now it looks like you were talking about "the butcher's something". still, did you mention that book elsewhere, because i specifically avoided it thinking you had derided it.

Inside the Pages said...

The April book club reading was "The Memory Keeper's Daughter" and yes, I did deride it. You were right not to purchase it. I thought it was boring and depressing and it dragged. If you recall, I had borrowed it from the library months before joining the book club and took it back when I couldn't get into it. Unfortunately, then I had to finish it when I joined the club and at that time, the library didn't have a copy, so I was forced to purchase it. You can borrow/have it, if you like.

Desana said...

You write very well.