Monday, June 25, 2007

Harry Potter

I reread the sixth book in the Harry Potter series this weekend: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Since the last installment comes out in less than a month (have you pre-ordered your copy of it yet...if not, I recommend surfing the web for a myriad of great deals), I wanted to refresh myself on where the story had left off. It's a good thing I did because I had completely forgotten about Horcruxes, Ginny and Harry, and various other important information. Once again, I cried at the end of the book. I don't feel like this is too extreme of a response either. Dumbledore is simply the most likeable and kindest book character to ever have been imagined and brought to life on the pages of some book. For those of you who may be a Harry Potter naysayer, I turn to the example my husband has set. He was one of the people who was not sure about the books and felt that they might be too dark with too much witchcraft (which as a rule, we are against). I had read the books (only two were out at the time, I believe) and tried to convince him otherwise. Finally, I said he should either read the first book or go see the first movie (with me) before making his final decision. As he is not the reader I am , we trooped off to see the movie. He enjoyed it immensely and was a converted fan before we left the theater that day. The movies are extremely well done and include alot of the information you find in the books. As the books are getting close to being thousands of pages long (not that I mind), they are increasingly hard to cram into one movie sitting, so as we drive home from the theater, I usually fill him in on what they could not include. Honestly, every time I read one of the books in this series, I wish I could have been a student at Hogwarts. As such, I am anticipating the fifth movie greatly and the final book as much as can be anticipated. For the record, I think Snape is good, although every shred of evidence points to the contrary and I dislike how mean he has always been to Harry.


kgn said...

i just bought what i THOUGHT was the #6 harry potter book, but it was #4. Dangit! i just grabbed the biggest one and scurried to the checkout line before i could decide it was a frivolous purchase!

Inside the Pages said...

I am sorry you accidentally purchased the wrong Harry Potter book. I would not say that any of the books in that series is a frivolous purchase though, so do not feel bad about that.