Friday, December 5, 2008

Baby Mine

Halfway there.

We had the ultrasound yesterday and all went well. The technician said, "you have a very cooperative baby."
Now, I'm know I'm just being a typical "mom" but clearly, our baby is already very photogenic (and perhaps a thumb sucker). For the record, drinking 16 oz. of water before the appointment and holding it for two hours only to be greeted by a techician who plans to further torture you by pressing the ultrasound viewer as hard as possible into your bladder is not the epitome of fun. Although it's all worth it.

And NO, we didn't break down and ask for the gender. It's still going to be a surprise.

Other notes of interest: I haven't had any weird cravings, or any cravings at all, other than milk. I simply CANNOT drink enough of it. It's delicious. Clearly the baby is growing strong bones.

Also, I've been meaning to blog about a song from the Twilight soundtrack, Clair de lune (Claude Debussy), that I cannot stop listening to. (The movie was okay too, although movies are never as good as the books and this was no exception.) Apparently, the baby likes classical music.


Jen Powell said...

soooo cute!!! i just think ultrasounds are so amazing! LOVE THE PICTURES!!!!! Congrats congrats!!!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Clair de lune has always been my favorite. I find it so calming and poignant.

I can't believe you are staying strong for the surprise. We had no will power - had to find out both times.

And I agree - your baby is very photogenic - beautiful profile.

Everyone has that problem with the water drinking - it's torture. I've always wondered what the ladies with incontinence problems (it happens) do.

Donna said...

That is one cute baby. :)