Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No Cause for Alarm

So, my back has really been hurting me lately. I've been thinking, "why is my back hurting, I'm barely showing and I've gained like 4 pounds (which I can do on a normal day if I eat too many homemade chocolate chip cookies). I shouldn't be in pain." I was perplexed...until I went to my handy-dandy book.It so helpfully told me that back pain at this stage of pregnancy is completely normal. The reason: my body is releasing a hormone that tells my ligaments to relax so that my pelvis can stretch open farther to prepare the birth canal for delivery. Well, that's informative and reassuring. That back pain? Just my bones cracking apart. No cause for alarm.

So, in related news, I'm looking for a good back pillow to take to work.