Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No Cause for Alarm

So, my back has really been hurting me lately. I've been thinking, "why is my back hurting, I'm barely showing and I've gained like 4 pounds (which I can do on a normal day if I eat too many homemade chocolate chip cookies). I shouldn't be in pain." I was perplexed...until I went to my handy-dandy book.It so helpfully told me that back pain at this stage of pregnancy is completely normal. The reason: my body is releasing a hormone that tells my ligaments to relax so that my pelvis can stretch open farther to prepare the birth canal for delivery. Well, that's informative and reassuring. That back pain? Just my bones cracking apart. No cause for alarm.

So, in related news, I'm looking for a good back pillow to take to work.

The Stylings of a Belly

Is now a good time, fashion-wise to be pregnant or what? Before I was, I used to bemoan the fact that so many of the clothes were billowy and shaped like caftans because everything I tried on made me look pregnant. Now, of course, it's the best. I don't even need to buy maternity shirts because all the normal clothes are plenty big enough. It's wonderful. Now, I'm not showing very much, but I am big enough that my normal waisted pants are way too uncomfortably tight. All my low-rider jeans are still going strong, but everything else is sadly not an option for the time being. So, I was forced to buy some maternity pants and let me tell you, those suckers are COMFORTABLE. How lucky am I to have an excuse to wear stretchy paneled pants next week on Thanksgiving (and to finally be over that whole every food repulses me thing). However, I am still in that weird stage where I don't really look pregnant, I just look like I love to drink beer...alot (which I don't; it's repulsive). So, some of the billowy shirts I have make me look like I'm trying too hard to look pregnant. I'm sure you all know someone who found out they were pregnant and went directly out and bought maternity clothes and started wearing them. In my opinion, this just looks like they are trying too hard. Plus, sure I love wearing my newish billowy shirts now, but I know I will loath the very sight of them by April. Anyway, this is kind of a ramble, but I will end with photos of the clothes I wore to work today. I know the pants look wide-legged (and they were), but I had my mom make them into straight-legged. Also, they are a dark wash that looks black trouser-ish and less jean (thus making them work appropriate).

Daisy Fuentes Sienna Wavy Top (Kohl's)

a.n.a. Maternity Trouser Jean (JC Penney)

Candie's Larkk Mary Jane Pumps (Kohl's)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

It Doesn't Take Much

Two things that please me:

1. A Refresh tea from Starbucks. It's just so (dare I be so corny) refreshing. And it's even better when a co-worker brings you one unexpectedly one morning.

2. Mandarin oranges. On my way home from work, I drive by a number of family owned citrus orchards. (You gotta love small towns and backroads that get you from work to home.) Anyway, yesterday I stopped in and bought a 10 lb. bag from a 75 year old lady who insisted that she give me a sample of the produce. I did not turn her down and unpeeled that thing as soon as I got back in my car.