Monday, December 7, 2009

Getting Older

Recently, I attended a lingerie shower for a friend who is getting married this month. Partly because I love the store and partly out of guilt because I can't attend her wedding, I went to Anthropologie for the lingerie. I found this eggplant silk number. As I was at the counter paying for it, the cashier said, "Isn't this the best?" I agreed. She continued, "It's a fraction of the price of our dresses, but you could totally wear it as a dress." Outwardly, I nodded my head, but my inner monologue went something like this, "That seems totally out of the question. Wait a minute. Am I so old that the thought of wearing a tissue paper thin, barely thigh skimming piece of lingerie as a dress seems totally preposterous? I think so. Sigh."


kelly said...

ok, i think the sign that you are not too old is that you are shopping at anthro. for lingerie. if you were old, you'd only be shopping for velour sweat suits at mervyns! so don't sigh! i think you are at the JUST RIGHT age, because, personally, i never thought it was ok to wear lingerie as a dress!! it is beautiful, by the way :)