Monday, February 9, 2009

Decorating in the dark.

Sorry for the long delay in posting. I've been swamped at work and that tires me out, so I go home and it's all I can do to make it through dinner before I am dozing on the couch. This doesn't make for great blog reading. Plus, I don't mean to make this into a blog all about my child, but that's about all that's going on right now that I can write about. I don't work at a place that lends itself to the sharing of stories, at least not without the fear of being sued. So, here's the latest pregnancy/baby news:

Updated belly shot at 6.5 months

The rest of this is stuff we've amassed for the baby's room which is currently in a state of remodel. Since we're not finding out whether it's a boy or a girl, we've gone with the gender neutral green and brown. I figure I'll throw some blue or pink in there with it once I have the baby.

The Crib

Bedding for the crib. We don't have this part yet, but we're registered for it.


Misc. items:

It's probably obvious, but I purchased the green shade. I don't have a base yet.

Again with the obvious (green), although I did contemplate the yellow.

I have the elephant in the back.


The Close's Place said...

Get ready girl, because that kid will become your life and it will be hard to even remember what your favorite color is in a few years :) Next thing you know your blog has turned into a blog about your little one. They take over, they don't mean to, but they do.

kelly said...

it's going to look great! you have to post a picture when you get it all set up.

gavelect said...

Hi, I have just fallen pregnent for the second time and am looking forward to having a new baby in the family, My othe kid is 12 now so it ws so long ago, The worst thing I hated the last time round was the clothes, especialy the Maternity Trousers but I am more than a little optistic this time round as the maternity fashion nowadays is very nice indeed, anyway it was nice reading your post, thanks.