Thursday, August 14, 2008

I am grateful.

Thank God that I have a door on my office and I'm not stuck out in the thick of things like the rest of the office ladies. Instead, I can ensconce myself in a cave of serenity. I owe Linda a debt of gratitude for choosing the location of this office. Without her, I might have not have lasted this long. When I feel grouchy (which is strangely more and more often), I simply close my door and my blinds and commence working in glorious quiet and solitude. Linda, you are a benefactress.


kgn said...

amen. i am grateful that i can pretend i'm not there if things get too demanding. the secretaries cannot hide. we have a file room with a work station that usually only our registrar uses, though rarely. only in times of duress do others take refuge in "the vault."