Sunday, July 27, 2008

Totally Great Time Waster

"Personalized" Mosaic

To Give Credit Where Credit is Due:
1. Pirate,
2. Atlantic halibut,
3. La Torre del Oro,
4. Purple Haze,
5. gerard-butler,
6. caffeine curve,
7. Prince Edward Island - Fog & Red Dirt / Soil Road,
8. dark chocolate brownie,
9. The Reader ,
10. Orchids,
11. National-Sarcasm-Society,
12. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof...

Wanna make your own? Instructions found here.
(Special thanks to Kelly for being the inspiration.)


kelly said...

wow, yours turned out great. i bet we put some same answers, but got different pictures...did you put reader as what you want to be when you grow up? i totally did....

J. Elle said...

Yes, I did put "reader". I contemplated book editor for a minute, but thought "who am I kidding, I just want to read any books I care to read, all day long." I do admit, however, that for fav. drink (for instance) I originally typed "coffee" and didn't like the results, so I changed my answer to "caffeine" which was, in lots of ways, more accurate. Anyway, I never strayed from the first page, but I did play with my answer a few times.