Friday, October 26, 2007

I could if I wanted.

Not many things make me feel as smug about my cooking skills as making my own chicken stock from a chicken I roasted myself that we ate for dinner two nights previously. Although, if I had actually raised the chicken and then slaughtered and plucked it before roasting it, that might increase my smug factor. Yes, I realize it's unwarranted. Anyone can throw a chicken carcass into a pot with unpeeled vegetables and let it simmer on the stove for four hours. But tell that to the homemaker in me and it will go unheard. So, sometimes I open the freezer and survey the individual containers each containing one cup of frozen homemade chicken stock and I sigh in satisfaction. We might get take-out pizza once a week, but those frozen containers mean I could whip something homemade and fabulous out of nothing at a moment's notice. I just choose not to.


kelly said...

no, i think you are right to feel smug. i have tried to feel smug with out the homemade stock, but feel i am lacking in material. my homemade resume is empty in the chicken products as i'm still childishly squeamish of raw chicken, and jake doesn't care for chicken with skin or bone. so feel proud.

J. Elle said...

I also have a revulsion to raw chicken. It just feels wrong and I can't get over the feeling that I am covered in salmonella even after I've scalded my hands in the hottest water they can stand. And, I occasionally get grossed out by chicken and can't eat it for awhile. This experience taught me that roasting a chicken myself and having to take the innards out and having to (shudder) pluck wayward pin feathers off the bird means that I am very likely to be far too grossed out to actually eat much of the chicken once it's done. I'd rather buy it already cooked and waiting for me under a heat lamp in a plastic coffin for $4.99 at Safeway. Although, then I miss out on the smugness and I do REALLY like to have homemade stock on hand. So, I will take pride in this task for I may never roast a whole chicken myself again.